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The Witcher 2 – Performance Issue on nVidia Cards

May 17, 2011 4 comments

This patch should now fix most issues for you!
The Witcher 2 – Patch 1.35

The following information is now deprecated. Get the patch instead.


Do you have the 3D Vision driver installed? Check “Control Panel -> Program and Features” and look for “nVidia 3D.”

Apparently there’s a bug with The Witcher 2 that absolutely tanks performance if you have the 3D vision drivers installed – it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re using them. I had this problem and in parts I was getting as low as 12 FPS on my GTX 570. Uninstalling the 3D Vision drivers fixed everything and in the same sections I now get 60+ fps with everything maxed except Ubersampling.

I was very lucky to stumble upon this information. Spread the word.

Of course also make sure you have the latest drivers from nVidia, which are 275.27 as of writing this. I heard those can solve a lot of problems as well.

More performance tips on the NeoGaf forums.

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